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General questions that will get you up and started fast.

Launch Process

Guidance direct from your project manager during the onboarding process.


Basic training and introduction to the most commonly accessed tools and widgets.


Helpful articles for Campus Suite Administrators and a dashboard overview.


Learn to edit two types of navigation. Top (or primary) navigation, and departmental (or secondary) navigation.


Learn the different levels of urgency and specify top-banner, or pop-up that the user has to exit.


At the heart of Campus Suite is the page editor. Learn the 4 most frequently used widgets and best-practices when authoring pages.


Manually populate and manage or import events into your website's calendar. Synchronize iCal feeds from other tools.


Daily or frequently updated feeds. Some schools call the news "Daily Announcements."


Departments may be individual schools. Departments are simply containers that hold their own alerts, news, events, or whatever you want.


Files are PDFs, Word, Excel and any other format other than images. Learn about the file manager and how to upload files to link on your web site.


Images can be jpg, gif or png, and they are uploaded to pages via the file manager. Learn when to pre-size your images before uploading.


Add blogs that can be set up for two-way commenting. RSS feeds are automatically managed so people can subscribe.


Manage your faculty and staff directory listings. Add a person to a page using the people widget.


Quickly and easily add a section of frequently asked questions by adding the question and answer in a form-style manner.


Add a photo gallery of images to your website. Then, link it from a page, or list galleries by tag.

Message Center

Send urgent and general messages to your staff and parents via voice, SMS and email.

SchoolNow Mobile App

All the information you need to know about the SchoolNow mobile app for Android and iPhone.


Clear your cache or you dns revolver. Edit your DNS records when moving or setting up new websites.

Import Sheets

Use these templates to put your data into a format that can be bulk imported into Campus Suite.

Shared Content

Set up content that can be edited once, but syndicated to any part of your website. Change once, update everywhere.


All about Accessibility, and how to author your content in a way for those using special screen readers to easily access.


Integrated Google services... including calendar, translate, drive files, site analytics, Single Sign-On and more.

Social Media Manager

Schedule the syndication of any content on your website with Facebook and Twitter.

Community Development Districts (CDD's)

Support for our communities.